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I've said it before, but it bears repeating: I am lululemon addict, otherwise known as a lululemming. It's embarrassing to be so sucked in by the fancy, shmanciness of it all. I cope by refusing to wear the clothes outside of yoga class (except for getting there and back). The problem is I have yet to find better yoga pants or tops. The fit of the Power Y and Scoop Neck tops are almost perfect, and I pretty much worship the Wunder Under pants, which never ride up (or down) and make everything look slim and cute with its flattering cut.

But one of my studios recently offered teachers a discount on a new brand, NaLa Seattle. At the time, I had added on a lot of assisting and teaching on top of regular practice, and I didn't have enough yoga clothes to get through the week without doing laundry. But my budget grew cross at the idea of dropping another $68 on lululemon pants, so sight unseen, I took the plunge with NaLa and ordered some harem style black pants and gray, ruched cropped tights.

I adore the harem pants, but maybe for the wrong reasons. They're a soft cotton, with a folded over waistband and a loose leg and tight ankle that can be worn long, M.C. Hammer style, or pulled up just below the knee. Worn that way, they are just a little baggy and are ridiculously comfortable. They are the best for lounging around the house. They're not, however, all that great in the studio. The loose cotton sticks in patches when I sweat, and the cotton doesn't wick, so the pants feel heavy. But when repurposed as sweatpants, they're awesome.

 NaLa Seattle

The gray crops (pictured above in black), however, aren't working out at home or in the studio. The pants are a nice, rich gray, fit snugly with cute ruching detail along the sides and are flattering. But the "wicking" material has got to go. Instead of feeling soft, they feel like polyester. As for fit, to be quite explicit, the crotch (oh-so-important in yoga) is slightly off-center. It's just plain uncomfortable when you're in crescent lunge, in three-legged dog, half-pigeon or even when I'm just walking around while teaching. Needless to say, they didn't score a spot in the regular rotation.

I love supporting local companies, but NaLa also is priced about the same as lululemon (the gray crops cost $78), so I can't even make the case that they are more affordable. But I'm still curious to see what other yoga clothes are making the case in the battle to knock lulu off its yoga pedestal. What are your favorite brands of yoga clothes? I'm open to suggestions!


lookrichbitch said...

The perfect yoga pant is soooo important! I also love the wunder unders but the price.. yikes. My friend and I found the perfect alternative in the leggings by Zella! Their fit is fabulous, I think the only difference is they're just a tad higher in waist. The fabric is also really similar to Luon and wicks beautifully! Oh and they're about half the price of lulu! FTW!

Sarah said...

I'm a really big fan of the Ryder cropped pant from Hyde: http://www.beebliss.com/women/ryder-cropped-pant.html

Very, very comfortable, but does ride up a tad during more vigorous vinyasa.

I like Hard Tail as well. Both on the expensive side, but I've been lucky enough to catch them during some decent sales.

Nicole said...

Sarah - I've always been curious about Hard Tail but for some reason it's not readily available in Seattle so I've never tried em on. I'll have to take a look.

LRB - Zelllllaaaa. $48 for black legging pants is so much better than lulu's $78. As if I need an excuse to go to Nordstrom. Sigh.

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