Review: Salvation via the Saka Pinda backpack

This is me, toting my mat with the Saka Pinda backpack. This is me, smiling because I love my new backpack.

I promised to follow up on the Saka Pinda backpack ($79), so here I go. After reading the accolades that rained down on this bag, I ordered one and hoped it was as great as everyone said. The dark blue yoga mat backpack showed up on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago, and I already wonder how I lived without it. My shoulder was suffering mightily under the weight of a huge canvas bag where I stashed all my yoga gear, and it already feels better. The shoulder straps are cushy and comfortable, my mat straps right in and I am so much more organized now thanks to all the handy pockets. There's even a little pocket on top that is perfect for a Caveman bar, my favorite between-yoga-class snack.

(I am quite obsessed with Caveman bars, an energy bar made in Washington. They are produced in small quantities, and my favorite, the coconut almond bars, has just three ingredients -- brown rice syrup, coconut and almonds. I even started buying in bulk at the Ballard Farmers Market just so I could have a constant supply. I'm that crazy, and they're that good.)

Look, more pockets.

I don't have a lot else to say about this bag other than if you're looking for a yoga mat bag, get this one. The main compartment is narrow and a little small, and I also would prefer a waist strap to keep it snug to my back, but maybe that's just habit from hiking. It would be nice if there were colors to choose from. Regardless, they are minor, minor criticisms. I adore this bag, and I would get it again if that wasn't completely illogical. I am happy to carry this bag every day.


kale kim said...

You are a total nerd. And I love that about you! I guess it's not logical to get this cool bag if I am not going to yoga regularly-but once I start, watch out! You won't be the only nerd to rock Ballard :)

N said...

I'd be psyched if I saw you in this bag too! Nerds unite!


lookrichbitch said...

i wonder if Louis makes a yoga backpack...

liza said...

hi nicole - read your post and I am so glad you like the pinda! each time we do a production run, we make tweaks to the design based on our experience and people's comments and we will definitely be adding a waist strap on the next version - along with some other things... we are VERY VERY small, so right now, we only can do one or two runs a year, so it won't be until late 2010 that we'll have the 2.1 version... anyway, thank you for your compliments if it's alright with you, i'd love to add your review to our new facebook page and send you a matbelt if you don't have one already for your mat... thanks! liza

N said...

Hi Liza, I'd love it if you posted my review. Now that the bag is in full use, I adore my Saka Pinda more than ever. I get compliments on it all the time too. People always are surprised and impressed it's a yoga-specific bag! Thanks for the offer, what's the best way to reach you? You also can email me on my contacts page. Thanks!

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