Yoga for Dudes, sometimes known as Broga

I saw this video the other day called "Three Reasons Why Men Should Practice Yoga." I can think of a lot more reasons than three, but I appreciate the effort. Most men I know still don't practice yoga. I ran into a friend awhile back who proudly announced he had checked out one of my studios. Me: "Great! Did you sign up?" He sheepishly said he didn't make it in the front door. He was stopped in his tracks by a picture of a guy wearing spandex. "Do I have to wear spandex to yoga?" he asked plaintively.

 It's my old friend Rodney Yee. Don't pay attention to his clothes.

For the record, a T-shirt and shorts are easy and just right. But for that reason plus many more, there's still a serious lack of dudes in yoga classes despite all of the guys who are interested in healing injuries or working on flexibility. One male yogi once told me he wanted to start "Broga" to help guys focus on poses more specific to their body type and, just as importantly, to eliminate the very distracting landscape of hot women in spandex. Touche.

Yoga is scary for women too. When I started five years ago, I was anxious about what other people would think of me in class, that yoga had swept the world and I missed the train, that I was not flexible enough, and it would not be enough of a work out. Wrong-o on all counts! But I suspect male emotions toward yoga are similar. I don't know if any male yogis are even reading, but if you are, what was the scariest part of stepping into your first yoga class? Or, guys, do you want to try yoga and you are just very, very afraid?


lookrichbitch said...

My friend teaches Bikram in Miami and one day recently realized that her entire class was men - about 30 of them! I think it was because she's has big boobs, but I could be wrong.

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