The wanting mind and lululemon

Sometimes I have a lot of  restraint when it comes to shopping, and sometimes I don't. Lately I have not had much. My most recent excuse was a two-week stint on the night shift at work that left me with a lot of time on my hands during the day. When my willpower is low, online I go.

I listened to a meditation CD last night that talked about the "wanting" mind. The "if only" mind. We think if we get something we want, we'll be satisfied. My recent train of thought has been: "If only I have new shoes, then I'll be happy." The problem with this line of thinking is that once you get what you want, the wanting mind comes up with something new to covet, Jack Kornfield says. My closet is full of previous "if onlys."

Lululemon has more than once been the subject of my "wanting" self. But the trendy upscale pusher of all things yoga was on the brain recently not because of a fixation on new yoga tights, but because I taught there Sunday. My studio was studio of the month, so teachers have been rotating through for the free weekly yoga class. I'm sure the classes are part of a branding effort, but I genuinely appreciate any efforts to make yoga more accessible, even if the clothes are not. Here's the early arrivals for my Sunday class, which rounded out at 15.

There was a big wall in the middle of my class.

Free classes aside, lulu also has been the subject of some debate among people I know. Some are anti-lulu and argue their clothes are outrageously expensive. There are plenty of more affordable clothes that work just as well, and they are done with the craze. I get what they're saying, but I still succumb. I'm in yoga clothes all the time. Out of all the brands I've tried, lululemon clothes fit well, handle twisty poses the best, last the longest and, let's face it, are really cute. And yeah, I always want more. Dammit Jack, do you always have to be right?

But on Sunday, despite temptation on every wall, my focus was solely on class. I have a soft spot for beginners, and I had quite a few, including a guy who tried, earnestly, to practice in shoes, his hands on his mat and his sneakers on the floor in downward dog. I always hope the class is one of the first steps toward a life-long love affair with yoga. Afterward, I was happy to get a free top as payment, but the "wanting more" side was thinking more about teaching. In this case, I'd argue the "wanting" mind is a good thing. "If only" I can teach more classes, life will be more fulfilling, sane and happy. Yes!


lookrichbitch said...

He wore shoes?! Why?!

Can't wait to be jealous of your new top!

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