The methodical way and then my way

I might have exaggerated a little on Thursday's post. I had every intention of mapping out my yoga poses this week. I even bought new notebooks. But I hadn't gotten around to doing it, favoring shopping and the Internet over yoga nerd work. Today, I skipped going to yoga in favor of sleeping in and then trudged up the hill to my favorite coffeeshop, Lighthouse. I thought being away from the Internet might help.

I sat down at a table, opened my nice, new, blank notebook and promptly waged war with myself. I started off with great gusto. I came up with categories for each pose: alignment, drishti, modification, growth, and I quickly filled a page with thoughts on child's pose. But halfway through the next pose, downward facing dog, my leg started to jiggle. I glanced at my phone. I picked it up and read email. I took pictures and stared at other people working harder than me. It got so bad I timed my pathetic ADD self and noted just six minutes had passed since the last time I checked.

Here's my procrastination handiwork:

Hi Lighthouse!

I couldn't resist adding a single shot to that chai. I regretted it.

The problem is writing a page for each pose is a methodical way to do things. Of all the descriptions I can think of for me, methodical is not one of them. I'm efficient, and I'm thorough, but I like to do things fast. This was slooow, like molasses yoga. I persevered somewhat and made it to Warrior I, or about 12 poses into the series. It's not terrible. I think this new method of really working through the dynamics each pose is the start of something pretty cool for my teaching. But it will be cooler when it's done. Only 41 poses to go.


Anonymous said...

When you internalize your method, then you are a master teacher!

K said...

Molasses yoga! I love it!

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