There's no take backs in yoga

After class at my Neighborhood Studio the other day, a friend asked me about the New Studio. She was interested in trying it out and saw my name on the Web site.

STOP THE PRESSES! My name is on the Web site?!

Sure enough, when I checked, my bio is listed with the rest of the instructors. Yes! It's my first official yoga teacher bio. I know it will happen again. But I know it won't ever be as exciting as the first time.

I've moved beyond denial and no longer worry they'll take it back. But the New Studio has this awesome vision and is already such an incredible community that I love. And I'm really happy to be part of it.

Here's a (slightly edited) version of what went up:

When Nicole started practicing yoga five years ago, she discovered her practice was the one place she could calm her mind and be present. She was soon drawn to the dance-like flow, hands-on teaching style and heat of Baptiste-style power vinyasa yoga and devoted herself to the practice.

Then yoga started to infiltrate all aspects of her life, as yoga tends to do. She attended retreats and weekend trainings with master teachers Rusty Wells, Ana Forrest, Shiva Rea and Bryan Kest. She fell in love with chanting and singing at satsang and kirtan events. She wondered how to fit in more yoga and share its incredible gifts with others.

Nicole believes that a teacher's role is to empower students and grant them the space to grow physically and mentally. She promises to bring lightness, authenticity, freedom and love to her classes and help students be present, tap their inner yes and find their own truth. Nicole is a writer by day, and in her spare time, when she isn't teaching, assisting or practicing yoga, she can be found doing of one of these activities: hiking, skate skiing, cooking, trying new restaurants, playing violin or checking out new music.


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