Yoga is like a red Subaru Forrester

I have a red Subaru Forester 2001, and it only has 75,000 miles on it, but it has seen everything I have seen for nine years. It has taken me up winding, rural roads that other cars feared, it has braved hellish city traffic and it survived four, ice-packed winters in Anchorage without studded tires. I love my car.

But my car also likes to spring the occasional, costly surprise on me. I was stunned when the battery died. I dread every 15,000 miles. And it surprised me last week with a flat. Now I get to buy my beloved car a new set of tires. Presents for everyone, including the Subaru!

All of this brings me to yoga. Yoga is like my car. It has seen me through some intense emotional times, preserves my sanity when work is overwhelming and makes me happy. It also gets me big-time in the finance department. Last week I learned about liability insurance.

Liability insurance is a teacher thing. I'm finding there's a lot of teacher things in yoga. Of course I'd rather not get sued if something bad happens during class. I'd rather have the nice insurance company deal with it. It's an investment in my future. It comes with a free subscription to Yoga Journal, although being a very good yogi, I already have one. But I wasn't glad to pony up more money in the midst of the holiday season. It's very non-yogic of me to be slightly resentful, but I am. Just for a minute.

OK, I'm over it. Thanks.


K said...

Good lord! Who would have thought yoga could be as expensive as snow skiing?!

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