Upgrading my yoga classroom

For the past month, this has been my view while teaching in my friend Maria's apartment.

It's a perfect studio for one, or three. But teaching for one, while it may sound less nerve-wracking, is in many ways more difficult than teaching a group. With a group, something I say may not resonate with all the students, but it's more than likely someone will hear me. With just one student, I found myself wondering if I was reaching her. If she didn't follow cues, I wondered if it was me or was she just just ignoring me? (The answer sometimes was ignoring me, I later found out. I should have put her into frog.)

During feedback, I found out I am doing everything better, especially calling the flow and breath. But I still need to work on a lot. It's a practice for the teacher too. I spend a lot of time listening to other teachers now and aspire to teach like them. In time.

But in just one short week, I leave my classroom of one behind for - if I'm lucky - five. 6:15 is early for everyone, not just me.


Maria said...

I wouldn't use the word ignoring... how about day-dreaming?

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