Fruit, fruit and more fruit

For three days in February, my diet is going to look mostly like this.

My favorite Taiwanese fruit

I know a lot of people who have done a fruit cleanse, and it shouldn't be a big deal. I get to eat avocado and tomatoes, even. But I'm just not sure it'll be all that fun. There will be no pasta or rice or eggs or cheese. It will be strange to ban very sensible foods like leafy, delicious kale.

But I'm committed. Angie, my shopping, food and yoga buddy, was considering it and asked me if I ever had. A fruit cleanse sounds infinitely more pleasant than the Master Cleanse with its weird maple syrup lemon juice cayenne mixture. Why bother with a cleanse? To detoxify and get the bad stuff I love to ingest at work (coooookies) out of my system. When I eat clean, with whole grains, lots of vegetables and no refined sugar or fried food, I really feel better. I would love to eliminate cravings for crappy food. Stopping coffee was one thing, but I don't do so well with french fries.

I would not have motivated if Angie hadn't mentioned it, and I'm assuming it will be easier to have a partner-in-cleanse. But Angie and me being the hungry, hungry girls we are, decided to wait until after Chinese New Year on Feb. 14. We'll need to cleanse after this:

Mmm, Richmond dim sum.

But it's more than a month away, and this post is mainly for accountability. Angie, I'm talking to you.

UPDATE: My mom reminded me of the Chinese name for the fruit pictured above: lianwu.


lookrichbitch said...

Yes! We're holding each other accountable! Can we think of a treat for ourselves for after the 3 days? I'm thinking shoes...

N said...

Shoes are a possibility and probably better than going out to eat some lavish meal, which what I'll want to do. My book says we should ease ourselves in and out with whole grains, vegetables and low fat protein, which I'm sure means no cheese. Wah-wah.

Joanna said...

I could have this fruit all day long!

kale kim said...

Gals, I may be ready to talk cleanse myself. Will definitely need more details!

Ravi said...

Hey there! I teach at Shakti Vinyasa in Seattle....and recently wrote a book about fruit cleansing! It will be avail for order soon.


N said...

Hi Ravi. I've taken your classes a few times. Thanks for letting me know about the book.


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