Lightness, laughter and blue moons

A gorgeous blue moon greeted the New Decade Thursday night.

I had just gotten home from a couple of raucous New Year's Eve parties. I always sort of loathe New Year's Eve and all the effort that goes into having the best night ever! But then I still, despite myself, have fun greeting the new year and toasting with friends. I was done with the evening and about to say goodnight to the first night of 2010 when Maria texted me a picture of that very moon. She ordered me to go outside, look up and make a wish to carry to the next decade.

I bundled up in a down jacket and snow boots for the short trip outside. I didn't make a wish, but as I looked at that blue-tinted moon, I thought of what I want from life for the New Decade: lightness, brightness and laughter.

In so many ways, that's so easy right now. I feel it all the time teaching. I'm lucky because I'm starting out 2010 in love. I'm in love with showing up to teach and being greeted at the New Studio by a teacher who pumps her fist and asks, "Are you so excited to teach?!?" (Can you even imagine your boss saying that when you show up for work?) I'm in love with students who thank me and want to know when else I teach. I'm in love with the woman who told me after class the way I explained poses helped her understand them in a new way.

I'm not saying teaching is total utopia. Today's class with beginners was tough. I had trouble pacing the class with at least one person completely new to yoga and I stumbled over ordinary explanations. I felt frazzled trying to cram it all in to an hour. I need to work on adjusting my teaching to the class level.

But then they were still grateful afterward. I felt a little foolish and stopped beating myself up. I am grateful too.


Peter said...

When students asked me what else I teach, I am in heaven!

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